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Selected for Picture of the Week today

Thursday, September 11th, 2008
Watts Memorial in Postman Park

Watts Memorial in Postman Park

I was pleasantly surprised today to learn that one of my photos had been selected as the Picture of the Week on a photo website that I’ve been frequenting lately, Photosig.

Unlike photo sharing sites such as Flickr and Pbase, the primary purpose of Photosig is to critique photos. Anyone is allowed to upload 1 picture every 72 hours at no cost, and then the picture is critiqued by other Photosig members. To encourage members to perform critiques, the recipient other viewers of their photo, have the opportunity to rate critiques as being helpful or not. Receiving a certain number of critique helpfulness points ups your upload quota.

I’ve been experimenting with a wide variety of different photos, both B&W and color, in a variety of genres and styles. A few of my favorites have been well received, while others have been roundly ignored. There have also been a few shots that I considered highly experimental which have attracted a lot of attention. Funny.  I can get a list and sort it either by number of times a picture was accessed, or the number of points it has been given by critiquers. Surprisingly, those two numbers are not directly correlated. There are some that only a small number of people view, but a higher percentage of those viewers feel compelled to write a short critique and award points.  You can see all my uploaded pictures here.  I’m having fun, and I’m learning a lot, both from reading the critiques of my pictures, and from giving it.