Hotel Views from 2008

I managed to mostly stay pretty close to home during the first half of the year, but after Kirk left for college, travel kicked in with a vengeance.

Including the US and UK, work has sent me to 14 countries and at least 29 different cities this year. Going to Bulgaria with Young Life was a 15th country.

Work doesn’t normally take me to the US on business, but I was in Vegas, Salt Lake, LA, San Jose, San Francisco, Cleveland, Akron, and Cincy in 2008.

I’ve seen the inside, and outside, of a lot of hotels, and its usually dark outside.



3 Responses to “Hotel Views from 2008”

  1. Roger Says:

    The pics are great. Half of the joy of traveling is staying in hotels. Each one has something unique to offer and creates a certain mood or tone. I particularly remember stying at the Express by Holiday Inn Slough ( The hotel offers stunning views. I spent hours just staring at the town from the window. Besides, the service was excellent- non-intrusive, but there when you wanted it. I really enjoyed my stay at Express!

  2. Jay Heiser Says:

    This is probably one of the reasons why Slough has become such a popular holiday destination.

  3. Jay Heiser Says:

    Anyone who has been to Slough knows what a popular vacation destination it is.