Bulembu: Cutest kids’ craft ever

Bulembu-608The crafty ladies from ICC brought along a bunch of different craft projects for the kids at the Enduduzweni Care Centre.

Most of these crafts were in the nature of tabula rasa–blank tablets to be filled in by the kids. Besides the picture frames and wooden stick photo frames (in the previous blog post), they also brought along hats that the kids could paint.

The younger kids were given bright white floppy hats (think Gilligan’s Island), and they did an OK job of decorating them to taste.

The older kids were given white baseball caps, and most of them were loath to allow a drop of paint to touch their pristine new headgear.

Fortunately, the younger kids had no such concept of purity of form when it came to the toy elephants. Handed a stark white fabric elephant, a pallet of bright colored paint, and a couple of brushes (most of which were longer than the kid’s arms), they dug right into the task.

4 Crafts

This had to be one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. ┬áThe inhibitions which maintained the integrity of the ballcaps were not a factor when it came to preschoolers, paint and plush pachyderms. ┬áThe intensity and enthusiasm of these little kids was just a joy to see. Paint flew, as the elephants sucked up color.

Bulembu-620My favorite was the little boy (above) in the (unpainted) ball cap with the heart on his chest. No matter what those kids were doing–crafts, hand washing, eating a snack or lunch–he could reliably be expected to have a totally worried look on his face.

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