Amish Barn Raising

The second floor, trusses, sheathing, and a metal roof, matching the cabin, went up during the first week of December, followed by 3 pairs of windows on the dormer on the north side, over the garage doors, and on north face of the lower level.

The floor and an apron in front of the barn was poured  at the end of December, and a stairway was built between the upper and lower levels at the back corner.

A pair of garage doors were installed during Elizabeth’s last visit earlier this month. We compromised and decided to put an electric opener on one, but not the other.

We still need electricity, lights and fixtures, and (along with the cabin) it still needs gutters. Other than that, the barn is pretty much done.


[If you want to see all the entries for the cabin building project, they start here. The next Building the Cabin entry is Cabin Heating Up.]

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