Why would you blow up such a pretty bridge?

2009 photo of Route 82 bridge by Jay Heiser

My home city managed to make it in the news this week, for being the site of the most recent domestic terrorist incident that didn’t actually happen.  Although all of the apparent anarchists are at least one generation too young to remember when Cleveland could legitimately claim to be the greatest location in the nation,  their original plan was apparently to use Cleveland as a site to topple some highly visible symbol of corporate greatness. You know, like the umm…..well, yeah, you get the picture.

Apparently unsuccessful at locating an accessible yet visible form of corporate hegemony in Ohio, they decided instead on a very attractive high level bridge over the Cuyahoga River. While it isn’t exactly representative of economic corruption, it has become a well-recognized site within the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  I guess anarchists are just as happy destroying big government and national infrastructure as they are blowing up big businesses.  I wonder what cable news channel 20-something anarchists watch.

Dedication of Brecksville- Northfield Bridge in 1932

Dedicated in 1932, this beautiful concrete arch span bridge is over 1100 feet long, and  It replaced an 1881 metal truss bridge, which after a recent restoration, is still around, and another prominent feature of the national park.  I don’t know if that little girl is still around. If so, she must be around 90.  I wonder what she thinks of all this.

(Image above from the Cleveland Memory Project, copyright Cleveland State University. Michael Schwartz Library. Special Collections.)

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