Construction Completed


Almost exactly 1 year after the start of construction, Sam the Builder has finished work on our cabin.  He’s backfilled behind the cement wall, leveling the ground in front of the main cabin door, and leaving enough space to turn around a car. While Elizabeth and I were in Japan, the insect netting went up on the porch.  The cabin has been screened, stained, caulked, chinked, and connected, and is essentially complete.

The heat and drought has ensured that Elizabeth’s new lawn hasn’t taken over the level patch in front of the cabin, although an inch and a quarter of rain last week seemed to help green things up a bit.  The shady location, deep basement, and log walls kept things cool, even during a heat wave in the mid-90s.  While the insect netting does slow down the breeze slightly, a pair of ceiling fans on the porch keeps everyone cool, and the porch is turning into a nice evening spot to listen to frogs and crickets without having to battle moths and beetles.  


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