Cabin in the Snow

Having long lost any significant enthusiasm for shoveling the stuff, my relationship to snow is somewhat conflicted. Yet, in my heart, there remains an inescapable excitement at the prospect that enough might fall to actually cover the grass.

Driving in winter weather is no longer as adventurous as it used to be, even with the assurance that comes from a Subaru.  Before setting out across the Continental Divide for a multi-week stay at the cabin, Elizabeth and I very carefully checked out the weather reports, timing our trip to arrive between Alberta Clippers.  The small amount of snow on the lane was no problem for all wheel drive.

After the First Plow

Our arrival was immediately followed by several cold, but very still, days of beautiful snow.  I’d attached the blade to the Kubota’s 3-point hitch during our last visit, and I was eager for an excuse to actually plow the snow off our long gravel drive. Tilting the blade sideways so that it would direct the snow to the edge of the drive, I gingerly backed down the edge of the drive, creating a very satisfying wave of snow, curling in front of the blade.  I used the blade backwords, so it wouldn’t dig into the gravel under the snow.  Its easy enough to reverse the blade, I decided to drive backwards so that I wouldn’t compact the snow with the tractor tires.

After about 30 minutes, I’d cleared a a turnaround area at the top of the meadow, I’d sort of cleared the newest part of the drive, leading up to the cabin, I’d cleared the longer and older part of the drive, and I’d used the front end loader and blade to clear the end of the drive at the street, and in front of the mail box.  That’s where I encountered one of the neighbors, plowing the township road with his ATV, so I helped him out, taking 2 high speed, and backwards, swipes all the way up to the paved road, and down to his driveway. By then it had become too dark to plow (maybe its time to repair the mice-eaten headlight wiring).

Overflow Pipe in pond.

Naive enough to think that FedEx might actually drive up our slippery slope to deliver my replacement iPhone, I got up early on Tuesday morning, and with new found plowing confidence, spent another 40 minutes perfecting my technique.  FedEx left the delivery in a plastic bag, tied around the mailbox. But I did end up with a nicely groomed driveway, with two relatively low lines of snow professionally and neatly piled along both sides of the lane.  I was able to enjoy that for about a week, until the last of the snow melted. It wasn’t exactly Nemo, but for me, it was a nice snow.

Bilingual Sign at Rhode's IGA

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