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Zombie Apocalypse

Saturday, August 24th, 2013

Its hard to put my finger on it, but there just seems to be something innately disconcerting about zombies, especially when you are far, far from home, and there’s an entire army of the things.


Elizabeth and I chose today for our first visit to Hobart, Tasmania.  It turned out to be the day that the Australian Zombie Awareness Society picked for the annual Hobart Zombie March, starting at 1pm in Saturday’s crowded Salmanca market.


Hordes of creepy looking, pale, and bloody beings, on foot, in chair, and in baby stroller, lurched and rolled through.  For the most part, the crowd seemed to love the show, but one four year old girl may have nightmares for quite awhile.   I’ve got lots more photos in my Hobart Zombie March gallery…if you dare look.