Tasmanian Rainbow


Sailboat under Rainbow

Elizabeth and I took the high speed shuttle boat from the Hobart wharf up the Derwent to the fascinating new Museum of Old and New Art.   It was a reasonably warm late winter day, so I stood on deck to enjoy the sun and see if there were some interesting pictures, and I soon noticed an impending collision between a small sail boat and a large rainbow.

Marine Construction

I thought I did an OK job of positioning the boat under the rainbow, but then I was surprised that the rainbow kept moving in the same position on shore, parallel to our high speed boat. Next we passed a funny little work barge being pushed by a small Coast Guard boat, and I grabbed a series of shots when the rainbow went over the top.

Eternal Ocean

Next up was the 180m bulk carrier Eternal Ocean, apparently docked at the Zinc Works.

Hobart Zinc Works

My favorite shot was when the rainbow rolled over the top of the the Hobart Zinc Works.  I really liked the juxtaposition of the force of nature against industrial man.

 Military Vehicle in Shipyard

The Incat Shipworks came up next.  The funny looking gray boat is the HSV-2 Swift, a high-speed wave piercing catamaran owned by the US military.  Normally based in Norfolk, VA, it had come back to its maker for a refit.


Ten minutes after taking the first rainbow image, we pulled into the private dock in front of the private art museum, and the colors finally started to fade. 

Extra credit question: Was that the same rainbow for the entire trip, was it a series of rainbows, or was it an infinite sheet of spectrational mist, neatly segmented by our field of view, an infinite number of times?

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