Beijing Brollies


I had an all-too-brief Sunday free during a quick business trip to Beijing last fall, I grabbed my camera, hopped a cab, and headed for the Forbidden City.  Waiting in line to get through Tiananmen (which counter intuitively means the Gate of Heavenly Peace), I quickly noticed several things.


There were a lot of people. Security was tight. There were a lot of people. Everybody but me had an umbrella. There were a lot of people.


There were elegant umbrellas.


My Little Fellows

There were cutsey pooh umbrellas.


There were entire families with umbrellas.


Rain wasn’t in sight (well, let me get back to that in an upcoming blog). These were sun blocking bumbershoots.


Although Beijing often has air quality issues resulting in pea soupish smogs, my visit to historic Beijing was a crystal clear, sunny and hot day.


Flocking to a national landmark on a holiday weekend, both men and women were shading themselves from the sun with colorful brollies.


A few of the men had a less traditional approach.


I wished I’d brought a hat.

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