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Just send them to your home PC and then upload them from there

Friday, July 4th, 2008

I’ve spent most of the evening trying to upload 20 pictures from my high school reunion to Facebook. Processing the pictures was easy–I use Lightroom and once I got the RAW files into the correct directory on my Vosonic drive, it only took about 15 minutes to change color balance, exposure, and cropping. Then it got interesting.

My corporate laptop, due for upgrade, is peculiarly challenged with server side scripts. I don’t know what the technical explanation for this is–if there can even be one. I just find web-based applications as being especially conducive to data loss. Not being able to login to directly thru my corporate laptop (nor my personal email), I finally got the pictures online by logging into my home computer, using After establishing that I didn’t have any probs connecting into logmein, I mailed a zipped folder full of pictures to my home account, and then loaded them into Facebook thru my home desktop, the screen of which is conveniently scraped off and presented to me thru Logmein. Neither Rube Goldberg nor Heath Robinson could have come up with a more convoluted path from my DSLR to my Facebook photo directory.

This is the penalty I pay after a week that started off reasonably well on the PC front. It had been 11 months since my last visit to Ohio, and Dad had a laundry list of things for me to do on his PC. I won’t go into gory details on why his laptop had 3 portable hard drives hanging off of it like suckling digital piglets. A quick trip to the computer superstore and a couple hours of consolidating files resulted in a single external drive for photos, with a second only attached as a backup. That hardware triumph was followed by a software success, reconfiguring his copy of Lightroom, and importing approximately 11,000 photos. All of it must have worked, because he’s been merrily keywording photographs for 2 days now.

After struggling mightily to actually write and save my last posting using the software I’d installed on my new web site (you can blame it on my laptops aversion to php if you want), I decided to experiment with a new blog client called Once I established that it actually seemed to work (connecting itself to my blogging account in record time), I installed it on a memory stick running If you can read this, then it must have worked.

Assuming it keeps working, I can plug my USB stick into any of the 4 laptops that my family is taking to Heiser Hollow next week, write a blog posting, and then upload it by pushing a button. Given this week’s lack of online success, I’m thinking that web-based apps at dial-up modem speed just aren’t going to cut it.